• Women Empowerment project
    Through vocational Skills Training
    at group Village Headman
    Ntonya in Mulanje.
  • Promoting Early Childhood
    Development through Community
    Based Child Care Centers (CBCC)
  • CHICOSUDO provides Sexual Reproductive
    Health Information and hygene products to
    girls in both primary and secondary
    school in Mulanje and Blantyre.

Our Mission

To end poverty among marginalized women and children in Malawi by addressing hunger, injustice, illiteracy and diseases through information dissemination, empowerment, support and advocacy.

Our Vision

A community where marginalized women and children have improved their lives

We use the power of togetherness

We work together with the concerned community to identify their challenges they face in areas of education, food, economy, gender based violence and health. We believe that we cannot address these problems alone, we work together with likeminded community based organizations, youth groups, women groups to make strategies to sustainably address challenges they face.


Areas of Focus

CHICOSUDO addressed poverty among marginalized women and children by doing the following:





Information development and dissemination

Areas of focus

The following are current areas of focus


Education is the weapon in addressing poverty Under this area, CHICOSUDO is working to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children have access to, early education, primary and secondary education.

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Women and youth empowerment

Malawi as poverty stricken country, women are generally treated as second-class citizens and seen as someone to look after the home and bear children. Low economic status of women, youths, in Malawi.

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Health and Human rights

Adolescence and youth of 15 to 19 years continue to face HIV and sexual reproductive health challenges despite the establishment of Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) in Malawi.

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Food Security

Around 85% of Malawi’s population lives in rural areas and they depend on subsistence farming and about 90 per cent of rural farmers still practice conversion agriculture that depends on rain fed (Dougill, A.J., et al 2016).

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Supporting Children With Disabilities

Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization (CHICOSUDO) is working on the project that focuses in supporting for children with disabilities. Malawi like other countries, disability is the great challenge affecting many families’ livelihoods

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Child Protection

CHICOSUDO is working with its network partners across Malawi to protect boys and girls from all forms of violence. CHICOSUDO child protection programme reinforces established child protection systems to ensure that Child are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of children.

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Our Partners