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CHICOSUDO is a Malawian non profit non governmental organization that strive to address poverty by empowering women and children to realize their potential- teach a person to catch fish not to give them

The CHICOSUDO is a local Non-Governmental Organization which was founded by Mr Samson W. Mulole after realizing that women and children from John Kwaja Village under Group Village Headman Kumponda, Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre rural suffer from gender based violence, HIV and AIDS, food insecurity and illiteracy.

Then he facilitated the formation of Home Based Care group which turned into Community Based Organization in 2005. Mr Mulole was is a retired officer who worked for Malawi Government under Ministry of Agriculture for over 25 years as a Principle Officer. Towards the end of 2004, Mr. Lesley Kapile joined the team. Mr Lesley Kapile was a teacher and a business man with the passion of serving the need people. His passion started in the late 2001-2003 when he was in Secondary School. He was amongest the students who were coming from wellbeing family and getting school fees was not a challenge.

But at school he was feeling sorry to see his friends who were doing well in class but they were lacking school fees and even clothes. This passion motivated him to join the Community Based Organization. So the two, joined their efforts to make Chitani Community Based Organization.

Chitani Community Based Organization was registered with Malawi Government under Trustees Incorporation Act as a community based organization. Later 2021, Chitani changed its status from CBO to local non-Governmental Organization by upgrading to local non-governmental organization, enabled CHICOSUDO to expand its operation into any district of the country.

Now CHICOSUDO have offices in two districts, Blantyre and Mulanje. By 2025 CHICOSUDO intends to reach that 16 districts through its partners. One of the strategies of doing this is through developing partnerships with like-minded organization working in those districts who shares the same vision.

CHICOSUDO started its operation on November 2004 based on baseline survey conducted in 18 villages under group village headman Kumponda, Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre. Its main activities were include: Home based care, Early childhood development, gender based violence prevention and food security. The main target groups were marginalized women and children. CHICOSUDO used bottom up-approaches when designing its projects.

Generally, CHICOSUDO has strong grass root structures; most of her activities target the grass root, especially the women, rural grass root people. Her activities are generally vulnerable women, girls, elderly, youth both in school and out of school. The traditional leaders, religious leaders, school communities, teachers and district assembly members are the partners in all CHICOSUDO programmes.

Governance and leadership

CHICOSUDO is governed by board of Trustees who are 7 in number and secretariat which is lead by Executive Director. Currently, CHICOSUDO has 11 staff members and they are project or program based. While on the ground, CHICOSUDO has 44 Community Based Volunteers. This number both staff and volunteers are subject to change with the current ambition of expanding to over 15 districts. A recruitment of both volunteers and staff is done on project basis.

What We Do

CHICOSUDO addressed poverty among marginalized women and children by doing the following:





Information development and dissemination