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We can only bring smile in the face of a child if a mother is self reliance

We strive to uplift the lives of women and children by using community-led approaches.

Our Work

We use community-led approaches when developing projects. We believe that community problems can’t be addressed by the outsiders. The basis for sustainability is the participation of project participants. In this case, CHICOSUDO’S role is to facilitate the process through the provision of technical knowledge and support. For many years, we have trusted this process. Our work focuses on education, economic empowerment, food security and climate, finance services, health, water, sanitation and hygiene. CHICOSUDO develop partnerships diverse stakeholders both at community and district levels. On global level, our work are in line with the following sustainable development goals: 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6. Currently we are implementing we are working in Blantyre and Mulanje.

Our bold vision and mission

Our Mission


To alleviate poverty among marginalized women and children through information dissemination, empowerment, support and advocacy.

Our Vision


A community where marginalized women and children are free from hunger, illiteracy, injustice and diseases.

Our core values

• Empowerment
• Community-Centric
• Empathy and Compassion

• Respect for culture and gender
• Collaboration
• Accountability and transparent

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We work in hard to reach areas, where to
be a mother it’s hard.

We empower women to be self reliance through vocation skills training, entrepreneurship trainings, access to financial services and business mentorship. We also ensure that children have access to basic education, health and nutrition To learn more, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Our Partners